Sunday, January 3, 2010


It was a NOISY new year's eve last thursday.. but I love it! I turned off my CI most of the time because the sound of firecrackers & fireworks are everywhere.. Though I can still hear the loud sound even without my CI.. Yeah, I can still hear the super loud sounds even before, but it's not too loud when i hear it.. Just 'tuk'.. But last thursday afternoon, people are already lighting firecrackers outside.. I haven't wore my CI yet because I just finished taking a bath so my hair is still wet.. Then i heard a "boog" and i was startled.. "BOOOG" "BOOG "BOOOG".. it's not just 'tut' but "boog".. and my heart jump every time I hear it.. haha!

anyway, I feel & know that this will be a great year.. because I want it to happen.. So I'll make t happen.. yeah. yeah. yeah. ;P

as what Dr. Chiong said: HAPPY NEW HEARS!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon. Now hearing.. ;P

When I watched Twilight last year, I only heard some of the loud scenes.
The meadow scene when Edward was throwing the trees.
The baseball scene with thunderstorm.
The ballet scene where the real action happened.
I also heard the music being played during the credits. Despite & In spite of the limited sound I heard. I was happy with what i it!

And finally, after the long wait (we're waiting for months for the release of the movie), we saw New Moon last Friday, Nov 20. And the best part is:
I HEARD EVERY SOUND. I felt like a baby who hears the conversation but doesn't understand a thing..

I wonder what my hearing will be like on the next sequel, Eclipse. We'll find out on June 2010. ♥

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Improving.. With flying colors!

I haven't updated this for a long time.. I'm so lazy! Anyway, what's with my hearing? Improving.. Really improving!

I just had 2 hearing tests yesterday (October 16) and I passed both hearing tests.. with flying colors! Dra. Chiong said my hearing level now is so great considering I have tumors in my brain.. It's so amazing!

Here is my Aided Hearing Test (in 3 parts)

my CI is low on battery that's why the sound i'm hearing is not so loud, i'm finding it hard to differentiate the sound from tinnitus that's why i also raise my hands even though there's no sound from the machine.. but i heard the sounds.. i passed!

and here's a video of dra. rina reyes-quintos talking about my hearing test result..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Defining Sound

Fail. I'm still not familiar with sounds..

4th Aided Hearing Test

Failed. Because I did the test after my maping.. I usually do it before my mapping, coz my brain isn't that stimulated yet right after adjusting the CI..